D&AD New Blood Awards 2017: Crowne Plaza Hotels

Collaboration with Sydney Jackman

CROWNE PLAZA has always specialized in catering to the needs of the business travelers moving from place to place all over the world, but as new ideas begin to permeate the work force, the way we look at business has drastically changed. In the wake of this, Crowne Plaza developed a brief for a total rebrand.


Mobile APP

In addition redesigning the interior and the identity, we felt it necessary to redesign the experience once you are staying in the hotel.

This is achieved through the Crowne Plaza Mobile App.

From in the app, the guest has complete control over the state of their room, from lights to temperature. All important staff are only a few button presses away, with no need to call anyone.

The Personal Concierage menu provides usefel information about the available facilities as well as the ability to set up a wake up call directly to your phone.

Finally, the implementation of a savioke service robot in all hotels provides convient services for those who want nothing less than to deal with the rest of humanity. These services are integrated into the app’s savioke menu with a smooth, intuitive interface.