Plateau and Book

Plateau and Book

A central hub for your home

People are creatures of habit. We like to have the environment, especially our home environment, just right. So when the situation changes, we find ourselves in a state of anxiety, as we scramble to adapt.

And its that moment the Plateau system steps in.

╋ There is a better way than fumbling with a universal remote

The motion could be as simple as moving a book onto a different spot on your coffee table. The use of that kind of control object is the basis of Plateau. By shifting the book, any device connected to the system responds to one of four different user-defined settings. Whatever the need, Plateau is ready. Once in position, the room can be fine tuned using a simple screen interface, with any changes stored and ready for the next party, or quiet morning.

╋ A new way of turning a house into a smart home.

Plateau comprises of a tiered system to control your home. At the top is the control. Taking the form of a white book, it looks right at home on the coffee table. The book uses RFID to communicate to the table and figure out which configuration to use. Gone are the days of incoherently commanding an amazon echo at a party to turn down the music. Instead, the table looks at what you determined was just right in the set up and responds accordingly. Finally, there are the accessories. These devices connect to your wifi and await commands from the table. Anything from lights, to outlets, to IR transmitters control the room, and can be changed from a phone, tablet, or computer.