Eric Tommer

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Personal Statement

I love to learn. I was always the kid who would take apart the toaster to see how it worked and take apart the new one just to double check. As I got older, I took this energy and used it to figure out how to code websites and work out new technology on paper. I still love to explore, and I see a unique opportunity to use emerging technologies to improve the lives of users by employing an interdisciplinary mindset and designing based on their wants and needs.


Fluent in HTML and CSS
Experience using WordPress, Elegant Themes Divi theme, and Formidable Forms
Proficient in Javascript and jQuery
Thorough understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite
Rapid Prototyping utilizing 3D Printing, Laser cutting and Arduino Physical Computing
3D modeling in Rhino 3D and Fusion 360
Digital photography and graphics
Experience in both traditional fine art and digital art
Creative problem solving and Project management skills
Experience developing and redesigning information architecture for web


M.A in Interaction Design
University of Delaware, 2019

B.F.A in Visual Communications
University of Delaware, 2018


Communications Specialist
As the Univeristy of Delaware Office of Graduate and Professional Education became the Graduate College, my role changed from Graduate Assistant the Communications Specialist. With this promotion, my responsibilities expanded to cover all of the needs of the Graduate College specific to how other people interact with our offices, primarily through the development of forms and databases for dynamic content.

Communications Graduate Assistant
Following my time as a communications assistant at the Research Office, I was asked to become a graduate assistant for UD’s Office of Graduate and Professional Studies. The job description was similar, with more of an emphasis on real-time maintenance of the site rather than development.

Assistant to UD Research Office Communications Manager
As the Assistant to the Communications Manager, my primary responsibility is to help the transfer content from the previous Research Office website to the new system. In addition to this, I am also responsible for the creation or modification of new web pages, email campaigns, as well as print and digital event media such as agendas, name badges, and registration pages as the Research Office continues normal operations.

Summer Research Award Recipient focusing on UX Design
I served as the User Experience and Graphic Designer of a multidisciplinary project that brought together Art History, Computer Science, and Interaction Design to begin prototyping an interactive map of Wilmington, Delaware designed to engage people with the life and career of the 20th century illustrator, N.C. Wyeth.

Asset Creation and Management for UD CISC joint Project with DENREC
Working with members of the Computer Science Department, I was tasked with creating digital illustrations to serve as assets and providing UX Design consultation on a gesture based video game to go into the lobbies of multiple estuary centers on the Atlantic coast.

Mac Lab Site Monitor
As a Site Monitor in the UD Art Department Mac Lab, it was my responsibility to assist students with the creation of final compositions in both digital formats, as well as print.